Creative Space

my creative flow

The purpose of my blog is to share my creative journey and encourage other artists to keep creating. I often felt defeated when I was not able to create something new. From that, I was in a continuous loop of not feeling inspired, which led me to stop producing music. For a couple years, I felt like there was something missing, and I was not sure what it was. When I moved to Toronto, we went straight into a lockdown, preventing me from connecting with others. 

After I was hired at a marketing agency as an intern, I finally realized that I missed being surrounded by creative people. This job sparked my love for graphic design, which made me want to learn more. I wanted to know how to use the tools, the software, and how people make unreal art on their computers. 

By enrolling in the digital design studio class at TMU, I could hone in on some of my skills and learn new ones! I think the hardest part of it was learning the technical aspects to design. Why do we choose this colour versus another? How should we lay out the design? Whitespace? Typography? Basically, the reason behind your creation was the difficult part for me. I think this class gave me enough creative freedom while providing enough structure to support my design choices. 

It has really developed me and expanded my way of thinking when it came to designing. I want other artists to be inspired to keep being creative and never give up on their dream.

Creating allows me to express myself to others who do not know me personally. I hope this website portrays the childlike, bubbly person that I am.