Lyrical Video Tutorial

The purpose of this post is to share my first lyrical video snippet. I was pretty proud of the work I did for this. This was only following the tutorial guides provided in the design studio class. Again, my blog is to share my progress as a designer; we all have to start somewhere! 

Tutorial Insights:

After Effects definitely is a little foreign to me as I have not used it in the past before. It was difficult lining up the lyrics with the words at first. I think it was easier to watch a tutorial on youtube when navigating through the software. Especially when trying to figure out how to do different text animations.

Some of the resources I used were a couple of youtube videos, but I am sure there are many different animations available. link 1 link 2

The issues I encountered were the multiple layers and navigating through each panel. I often zoomed in and out accidentally, or the composition panel was not centered.

After experimenting with the software, I was faster with the various effects though I still had to refer to some youtube videos to help me through it. 

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