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Promotional Video for Beyond Trauma Podcast

The purpose of this post is to share an after-effect motion graphic I made. It is meant to encourage others to listen to the Beyond Trauma Podcast. In this design, I wanted to include bold, earthy colours. 


  1. Knowledge of trauma —This animation aims to educate those who have experienced trauma or to gain awareness on handling their trauma. The podcast goes in-depth on trauma and how patients can practice managing their triggers while being cognizant of others. Overall, the therapists who produced this podcast share insight on topics such as coregulation, connection, the cycle of trauma, and more (Savage, Jennifer, et al.).

  2. Finding a therapist— The reason for promoting this podcast is to encourage and guide listeners in finding the right therapist. Jen, Melissa, and Bridger dive deep into what therapy looks like, how you should feel when choosing your therapist, and what to expect during your first session. This information benefits those who are hesitant about seeing a therapist and need guidance in this area (Savage, Jennifer, et al.).

  3. Listen to the podcast — The call to action directs the audience to listen to the podcast. The first step of the healing journey is to take action and listening to the Beyond Trauma podcast could be a catalyst for people to seek help. By listening to the podcast, people are not only learning about themselves but can educate themselves on why other people react the way they do. They provide information on active listening and how to respond when others are triggered or anxious (Savage, Jennifer, et al.).


  1. Millennials — The target audience is millennials in their mid-twenties to early thirties. Millennials were born into learning about mental health stigma and now take a different approach to healing compared to their elders. A study shows that young adults are more inclined to seek therapy with the older generation (Witmer).

  2. Access to Spotify/Apple — The platform used for the podcast is Spotify or Apple podcasts. Therefore, people must access these applications to listen to the episodes. The target audience requires knowledge in using these applications and has a sufficient income as most of these apps need a smart device. Though you can listen to the podcast on their website, people still need to have basic digital skills to navigate the application(Kaufer).

  3. Time/lifestyle — The message is directed to people who are avid podcast listeners. The episodes range from 30 minutes to an hour. Some people prefer listening to podcasts rather than music, thus, the target audience is people who have the time and interest to listen to a podcast (Kaufer).


  1. Colours — The colours blue and yellow came from the podcast’s cover art. I did not colour match the blues and yellows presented on the cover but I wanted to ensure that people knew they were following the correct podcast. Also, the colours were chosen to signify hope and tranquility in the podcast as these therapists provide a healing space (Chapman).

  2. Wavy animations — I created the wavy animations to represent a meditative or calming effect to the design. Trauma is a sensitive topic of conversation but a podcast is a safe place where therapists guide you through your healing journey. The purpose of this design choice was to relax the audience as the animations give a hypnotic experience.

  3. Meditative Audio — I chose to use relaxing piano music to make the audience feel at ease and peaceful. Trauma is a sensitive topic and a place of vulnerability therefore, I wanted to provide soothing audio to the ear.


When trying to find a therapist, I had no guidance as to where I should look or who I should pick. Trust must be built when opening up to a stranger, which is why I did not go to a therapist for a long time. Also, the cost of a therapist was out of my price range, but I felt I needed someone to talk to and help me heal. Out of panic, I chose the first therapist I spoke to, who may not have been the right fit if I did further research. Though our sessions helped for the short term, I did not feel like anything changed in me, and I still felt lost after our session ended. My friend brought this podcast to my attention; I believe this was the guidance I needed. This animation was created in hopes that this podcast will be helpful to others as it has been for me. Now, there are so many online therapists or self-help books, but this podcast combines the knowledge of trauma and how it presents in other people. It encourages people to find a trauma therapist if that is what they need but paves a pathway to what you should look for. That being said, I wish I had this knowledge when looking for a therapist.

When creating this animation, I looked through different product advertisements to build a draft. I began by drawing out the initials BT for beyond therapy as the background, and when I mirrored the design, I created an interesting design that reminded me of 70s patterns. I thought it would be interesting to add in a smoke effect similar to a meditation room where they burn incense. My goal was to provide an animation that had wavy, hypnotic animations to give the audience a sense of comfort and peace. I designed all the animations and text motions in after effects. The information I received was mainly from their website or some of the podcasts I listen to. The vision of the graphic was pulled from various advertisements and I added my own personal twist.

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